Big data and its myths. How is big data evolving?

Unlock the value of big data – The power of human and machines in investing.

The pace of change in the world today is accelerating. The way people interact, transact, work and consume is unrecognisable from even a decade ago. BlackRock, in partnership with Citywire recently held a roundtable debate with key data experts, analysts and fund selectors.

Here is the first video in a three-part series: Big data and its myths. How is big data evolving?

The developments in big data analysis have been significant so far, but there is still a lot data science has to offer in the future. Experts in machine learning, data analysts, and fund pickers discuss the impacts of big data in our lives and how this is changing the face of investing.

Here you can find the other two videos of the series Human and machine. How do they work together in Investment Management? and Digging deep: can big data help build better portfolios?

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