FundsLibrary looks to the future with .Net Core for its next generation of Cloud based applications

At FundsLibrary our motto is Vital Data, Brilliantly Delivered. Living up to that standard requires a continual assessment of the technology best suited to processing large amounts of fund data and making it available instantly to our end users.

We have always embraced an attitude of ‘using the best tool for the job’ and until now Microsoft’s .Net Framework has been the tool of choice for most of our heavy duty services and applications.

The future however, is containerisation, orchestration and micro services. In order to fully benefit from the high performance and scalability this offers, a modern, lightweight, cross-platform development language is required.

The FundsLibrary Development team closely follow the latest trends and practices in enterprise software development and have been experimenting with pre-release versions of .Net Core for some time. During the last year it is clear that .Net Core has been successfully deployed and leveraged by an increasing number of leading technology companies such as Siemens, GoDaddy, UPS.

We will be releasing the first phase of updates to our technology stack later this year and we are confident that our clients will soon feel the benefits of faster and more efficient data processing. In addition, our clients will also experience more frequent deployment of new features and product updates.

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