FundsLibrary sprints forward into agile

Lindsey joined our Development team as a Scrum Master just over a year ago, and she is passionate about the benefits agile can bring to the business. Here she talks about some of the things that have really helped our team embrace an agile mind set.

First of all ‘why agile?’ We want to ensure that we are satisfying our clients through early and continuous delivery of our solutions, meaning that:

  • New features and solutions are developed incrementally, with the potential to release in stages, rather than waiting for the entire project to be “complete” prior to launching.
  • We have the ability to harness change, so as requirements emerge and evolve, we can adapt our development to better meet the needs of our clients.
  • Agile increases our speed. In line with our incremental development, completion of project deliverables is quick and efficient, allowing our clients to get to market on time.

One of the biggest changes in the past 12 months has been the transition to our new offices in Bristol and London. These exciting new spaces inspire an agile mind set by providing teams with the space to collaborate, which is one of the key aspects of an agile team. Congregate for example, is a large open area, great for sprint reviews, whilst Innovate has whiteboard walls and comfy bean bags; perfect for retrospectives and solution refinement sessions.

Each team sits together and has their own whiteboard area, allowing them to capture what is important information. This can range from definitions of ‘done’ and reminders of their sprint goals, to a ‘picture of a pear’ – which for one of our teams is a reminder that pair-programming works for them.

Scrum teams work cohesively with dedicated Product Owners, who are responsible for communicating the vision of the product. It is the responsibility of the Product Owner to organise the backlog and ensure that the teams are delivering against the prioritised Roadmap. All of our teams hold scrum ceremonies, such as retrospectives, which are beneficial as they offer the chance for review and facilitate continuous improvement.

With this flexible method of working and an environment which inspires, we have seen increases in efficiency, team engagement and time to market. And of course, an agile mind set is not only present in our Development team, but across all functions of the FundsLibrary business.

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