Global funds most popular sector

The Investment Association (IA) Global Funds sector experienced the highest demand in April based on adviser sales, according to monthly data published by FundsNetwork.¹

The Mixed Investment 40-85% Shares sector slotted into second place, followed by the Volatility Managed sector to complete the Top 3 IA sectors purchased by advisers in April.

The Baillie Gifford American fund topped the charts as the best-selling single fund in April by adviser sales, according to FundsNetwork data, closely followed by the Fundsmith Equity fund, while the CF Lindsell Train UK Equity fund was the third best-selling fund.

According to FundsNetwork the data indicates that advisers are keen to use diversification to manage volatility.

Head of Sales at FundsNetwork, Paul Richards, said: “It is evident from April’s sales data that advisers were continuing to look to manage volatility within clients’ portfolios through diversification, as evidenced by the strong flows into the global, mixed investment and volatility managed sectors.

“With a number of geopolitical risks on the horizon, it is likely that the demand for diversification will continue for some time.

“However, despite the unpredictable and disruptive nature of the Trump trade war, April saw strong sales into US equities. As the trade war wages on, it will be interesting to see if investors continue to remain bullish about US equities.”


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All figures correct as at 08.02.2019.