FundsLibrary with a refreshed look

We are delighted to inform you that we have now refreshed the FundsLibrary brand and relaunched the website. Our aim is to more closely reflect the nature and breadth of our business, and its leading position within the industry.

Working with a number of people within the business we have developed a more contemporary look that reflects the brand personality of FundsLibrary which is authoritative yet approachable, this includes a new logo to reflect that data is the core of our business.

We are a significant player within the market providing access to data and documents relating to over 30,000 investment products from some 600 global fund groups. Just in the last year we processed over a million annual requests for data and documents on a range of platforms, market data providers, wealth managers and advisers.

THE Library

We have taken this opportunity to enhance and relaunch our Data Site as THE Library.

We have also added an Insights section to bring to life the huge amount of data that FundsLibrary provides. We will be continually enriching these pages with comment, opinions and analysis and this area will  be the main landing page for users of THE Library.

Future Developments

This is the beginning of a continuous programme of development to enhance our online presence, our brand and most importantly, our digital interaction with our clients.

We will be introducing a number of new features including a page for press releases and coverage, a recruitment section and a collaboration area for clients.


Press releases have been specifically designed and written for use by the media. They are not a communication for investors, personal advice or a recommendation to either invest or to refrain from investing.