Winners of the FundsLibrary Values Awards for 2017

Our Values


Annual awards were made to staff at the December Company Update meeting.  The awards were to members of the FundsLibrary team who were nominated by their peers to have not only embraced the company’s core values but also significantly contributed to the successful year the company has had in terms of client satisfaction and financials.

Congratulations to the winners!

Employee of the Year 2017

Andrew Sellick (Client Service)

His colleagues describe him as one of the most professional and hardworking people at the company. Diligent, knowledgeable and always willing to help, Andrew is the team’s Excel expert and is always focused on improving clients’ experiences.



Employee of the Year 2017 – Runner Up

Peter Fullergreen (Development)

Regarded as “an absolute pleasure to work with”, Peter has demonstrated his expertise on numerous occasions and has played an essential role in inspiring his colleagues to work better as a team, leading the way as a Team Lead.

Employee of the Year 2017 – Runner Up

Daren Leonard (Development)

Daren goes out of his way to ensure the smooth interaction between the technical and the business side of the company, particularly with regards to the development of Solvency II Manager. He can always be relied on to work to a high standard and in a manner that prevents issues occurring in the future.

All-Rounder of the Year 2017

Ruth Stafford (Client Service)

Ruth’s dedication to her work and her clients, as well as her tirelessness and attention to detail are what makes her stand out as an exceptional member of the team. Her ability to pick up and run with new and varied challenges singles her out as the all-rounder for this year.

New Joiner of the Year 2017

Matthew Sharpe (Professional Services)

Having joined in August 2017, Matthew lives and breathes inspired team-working, maintaining a high level of professionalism while delivering outstanding results.

Team of the Year 2017

Data Services Team

The Data Team is one of most collaborative teams, always striving to achieve challenging goals that they set for themselves. Their daily interaction with clients is at an outstanding level, reinforcing the company’s commitment and dedication.


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