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For data providers such as fund groups, the distribution of data is perhaps one of the greatest challenges. Equally, for data consumers, such as Platforms, IFAs, Brokers and more, access to this data is critical. We can provide detailed holdings data and full look-through capability for portfolios.

What can you expect from our Data Distribution services?

Data received directly from over 1300 global fund groups.

Around 4 million KIID hits generated in the last year.*

Data and documents disseminated to over 50 platforms and data providers.

Over 35,000 investment products available on our data hub.

Here’s how FundsLibrary’s Distribution services can benefit your business

  • Data providers can rest assured. Their data will be made accessible to the world, with full management information provided by us

  • Data consumers will receive accurate, comprehensive, and the most detailed data in a variety of formats and delivery methods

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All figures correct as at All figures correct as at 31.12.2020. *KIID hits for the period 31.12.2019 – 31.12.2020.