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The latest fund data expressed with insightful visualisations and engaging charts

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Fund Pages act as a mini web page for each fund, presenting users with a depth of detail and analysis.

Powered by our extensive fund data hub, THE Library, they bring to life the latest information we’ve sourced directly from the fund management groups.

It’s not just the essential fund data they include. All key documents, interactive portfolio analysis tools, and performance charting, as well as multi-media collateral from your own marketing campaigns are incorporated.

What can you expect from our Fund Pages?

Embedded or hosted delivery with seamless deployment.

A widget based design gives you limitless freedom and customisation.

Responsive design provides optimisation of user experience across platforms and devices

Configurable themes allow our Fund Pages to be presented in your own brand.

Designed to ensure your fund data is universally accessible.

Gain a global impact from Fund Pages with our multi-language and multi-locale support.

Here’s how FundsLibrary’s Fund Pages can benefit your business

  • Provide professional and private clients with the latest data combined with deep analysis and interactive visualisations

  • Understand how your audience is engaging with your fund data through integrated analytics

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