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Empowering clients to project investor’s portfolio income into the future.

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Communicating the complexities and nuances of income generation to investors is a challenging task. To simplify this process, FundsLibrary has created a unique, simple and powerful tool that allows users to forecast their anticipated income over a 12 month period. We combine yield data taken from our own data hub, THE Library, with an intuitively designed interface and clear graphical representation.

What can you expect from our Income Forecaster?

A projection of the income from your investment portfolio, clearly displaying headline figures and detailed analysis of monthly distributions.

A fund by fund breakdown of income values, their distribution throughout the year and the total values for each fund.

The withdrawal planner feature allows you to flex monthly withdrawal values, showing you how much you can withdraw each month without drawing down on your investments.

Ability to undertake cash flow planning so users can monitor their income profile over the year.

Here’s how FundsLibrary’s Income Forecaster can benefit your business

  • Can be utilised alongside model portfolios making it the perfect tool for IFAs, Platforms and Wealth Managers to assist clients in selecting their investments

  • Provides a representation of the income distribution across 12 months utilising the yield figures taken from our extensive data hub, THE Library

  • Provides a clear report of income frequency throughout the year with key insights into the highest and lowest monthly incomes

  • Brand requirements and client customisation can easily be integrated within the interface

  • Ability to print or save to PDF with the click of a button and to produce reports that clients can take away with them

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