Get under the skin of your client’s portfolio with Portfolio Factsheets

An instant, insightful view of your client’s portfolio breakdown.

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Our market-leading portfolio analysis engine is the only x-ray tool that analyses a portfolio at security level, combining industry standard classifications with full portfolio holdings to deliver a unique insight.

Combined with fund portfolio data from our own extensive data hub, THE Library, we have created a tool that enables users to be much better informed about the exposure in a portfolio.

What can you expect from our Portfolio Factsheets?

Detailed breakdowns of top holdings, asset allocation, geography, debt maturity, and more.

Interactive charts that allow navigation through the detail of holdings, drilling down to a unique picture of portfolio exposures.

Genuine like-for-like analysis at security level, via industry standard feeds and full portfolio holdings from fund management groups.

Seamless integration of our Portfolio Factsheets with your platform for maximum brand reflection.

Here’s how FundsLibrary’s Portfolio Factsheets can benefit your business

  • Our portfolio analysis gives your clients an instant, insightful view of their portfolio breakdown

  • An engaging interactive summary adds value by encouraging investigation, analysis, and evaluation

  • With core asset allocation exposed, clients and advisers can make more informed investment decisions

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